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Here is a storehouse of practical news and valuable insight about how diet and nutrition influence how sick or well you feel and how long you may or may not live. If knowledge is power, you will find both now.

Twenty years ago, when my grandfather, Papa, was still alive, I became aware of certain things that alarmed me. Factory farming, pollution, pesticides on crops - the list seemed endless. Meanwhile, Papa smoked cigarettes, drank coffee and ate an assortment of battered goodies dunked in rancid oil stored indefinitely in the ‘fry baby’.

Papa himself talked about how food had changed. For much of his life, he’d eaten lots of food from local farmers and ranchers. Fresh meat, fruits and vegetables. Food that hadn’t traveled for many miles or required intervention in the form of antibiotics, hormones, pesticides and irradiation. And certainly nothing genetically modified. Papa lived into his nineties.

Back then, I bought groceries at the very first Whole Foods Market here in Austin before Whole Foods became the huge corporation it is today, with locations in the US, Canada and the UK. I fussed at friends for eating margarine and powdered coffee creamer before many people knew what partially hydrogenated or trans fat even meant. This website is personal and the information is free.

You may be here now because you’re concerned about the deteriorating state of food worldwide. You may be looking for information or articles about diet and nutrition in general. You may have questions related to food allergies, pregnancy, autism, osteoporosis, diabetes or cancer prevention.

Overcoming the chemical and environmental challenges we face isn’t easy. Doctors recommend prescription drugs to correct conditions that often exist because we don't understand the damage done to the immune system by what we eat (and what we don't). People consume empty calories and become overweight but are starving at the same time.

We’re hungry for truth in health news. People all over the planet are turning to alternative medicine and nutrition for support. If we realize that our future depends on decisions we make about diet and nutrition – literally what we eat and what we don’t, we can take control of our own health and help our children by informing them. Apple A Day . . .

We want to share current news on diet and nutrition and dispel common myths. Please explore topics other than what you came looking for. Spread information widely. Bookmark us and return often because we will always be striving to learn more and report more.

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