Bad Food
Spoiled and Ruined Nutrition

Doesn’t it seem like we get more and more negative reports about the US food supply? Bad food everywhere. E-coli here, salmonella there. There was the pet food, then the lettuce, then tomatoes, no, not tomatoes, peppers, and finally, only peppers from Mexico.

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But it’s not just these ‘outbreaks’ that spell trouble. Honestly, I’m just as concerned about the standard fare we, our kids and our pets are consuming – irradiated, chemically altered, genetically modified, microwaved, ‘so called’ foods. Stuff barely recognizable to the body as food.

To be sure, recent news about food contamination is alarming, but if you are able to identify local growers nearby, extremely fresh fruits and vegetables grown with responsibility and respect for the food and the land - you're doing a great thing for yourself and your family. Natural meat and farm fresh eggs (that don’t come from a horrific factory) nurture and fortify our bodies. Got a little space and want to grow some of your own veggies? Check out Square Foot Gardening and find out how you can have “a garden filled with beautiful flowers, fresh herbs and luscious vegetables”.

What you find at the links in this section may help you know what to seek and what to avoid in your diet. Learning to read ingredients and understanding what they mean (and don’t mean) can make a world of difference and you’ll really begin to know the difference between good food and bad food in every sense of those words. It’s amazing to me that the FDA allows certain chemical additives to be listed on the ingredient list of a product as “natural flavors” and that genetically modified ingredients seem to be in almost everything, but no label alerts you to this. Don't be alarmed. Just be ARMED with information that will help you keep yourself and your loved ones eating better.

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