Eating Healthy For Life

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Eating healthy can be a real challenge today. Pick up a random product at the grocery store and read the list of ingredients. It’s enough to make you dizzy. As a rule, I try to buy organic foods, whole foods, and minimally processed foods. The fewer the ingredients the better.

Understanding what to avoid is half the battle. In my twenties, I first read Diet for a New America by John Robbins and quickly became a vegetarian and later, a vegan. I was deeply concerned about animals raised for food and the environment, as well as the health implications. My feelings were so strong, it strained my marriage to my first husband, who really enjoyed meat of all kinds and didn’t want to give up animal products.

Today, I eat red meat, turkey and some fish. However I avoid commercially produced meats and try to only buy and eat organic beef, natural free-range turkey and occasionally fish. Farmers markets in our area often have local sources of grass-fed and finished beef and bison. Whether you choose to eat meat or stay away from animal products all together is a personal choice. Information available here should benefit everyone.

Are there disadvantages to the widely promoted raw food diet? What does pasteurization do to milk and other foods? Is goat milk better for you than cow’s milk? What about soy beverages? What’s the problem with table salt? We will do our very best to answer these and other questions about healthy eating here, and now.

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