Miracle Mineral Supplement
Powerful Detoxification

If you haven’t heard of Miracle Mineral Supplement or MMS yet, you’re likely to before long. It seems that information (and excitement) about MMS is sweeping the planet. We have Jim Humble to thank for his tireless effort in bringing information about MMS to people everywhere.

According to Humble’s book (Part 1 can be downloaded for free), the Miracle Mineral Supplement assists the immune system by ridding the body of pathogens, and even heavy metals. MMS is actually chlorine dioxide and its antibacterial strength make it great for the mouth, teeth and gums, burns, and can even be used as a deodorant. Thousands afflicted with malaria have miraculously gotten well through the use of MMS. It is effective in most cases of arthritis, helps the immune system in cases of aids, all the forms of hepatitis, herpes, tuburculosis, and skin cancer.

The immune system may respond to other forms of cancer with the use of MMS, but there is not as much research in this area. Humble’s book also contains information about MMS as it can relate to other conditions as varied as asthma, arteriosclerosis, stings, bites, sores, ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease), and diabetes.

Chlorine dioxide is a powerful oxidizer that neutralizes pathogens while leaving beneficial bacteria alone. Chlorine dioxide has been used as a disinfectant in hospitals and to purify water. Unlike chlorine, it doesn’t have chemical reactions with other agents and actually breaks down quickly in the body to a trace amount of sodium chloride or table salt.

There is a ton of information in Jim Humble’s book so it is well worth the free download for Part 1 and the ten bucks or so for downloading Part 2. There is also a DVD and CD’s with interviews with Jim Humble available. Miracle Mineral Supplement is an excellent term for this use of chlorine dioxide that Jim Humble developed. MMS is cheap, effective and unlike many drugs and even herbal and nutritive alternatives, it has no damaging side effects.

After reading about MMS, watching the very informative DVD produced by and featuring Adam Abraham, the comments of actual doctors and scientists and testimonials from people who experienced miraculous results from using MMS themselves, I was ready to get onboard. It was easy to see how chlorine dioxide could be called a ‘miracle mineral supplement’.

Preparation amounts to combining stabilized oxygen with a food acid (we use lemon juice) in specific amounts and letting it “cook” for three minutes and voila – MMS, Miracle Mineral Supplement. Then you simply add water and use the solution topically (acne spots on my forehead disappeared), gargle or brush with it, apply to underarms or drink it.

My husband and I began taking chlorine dioxide very conservatively. The idea was to take a very little bit, several times a day, building up to the “therapeutic” dose of 15 drops three times a day gradually. After a few weeks on the therapeutic dose, we would back down to a maintenance dose of six drops a day.

Everyone is different. Young people might just use it a couple of times a week. I also began giving it to our two cats and two dogs. One of the cats and one of the dogs have experienced chronic urinary tract infections.

We were forewarned that many experience diarrhea and nausea or vomiting when they begin taking Miracle Mineral Supplement. This is because the immune system starts breaking up toxins which can bring on nausea and cleansing reactions. For this reason and as advised, we started with just a drop twice a day, followed by two drops twice a day on the following day. As I recall, once we got to four drops twice a day, we stayed there until the weekend came (just in case).

Then, we increased to five drops, and apart from a bit of burping and loose stools, we were still ok. So we increased to six drops. That evening we had our six drops and the next morning, took six again. Then we hit a wall. We were very nauseous and I became extremely sleepy. This is because the body likes to rest when it’s ready to heal and I interpreted this as a very good sign.

I was weak when I got home from work but the nausea was gone around 7 PM (around twelve hours from the morning dose which makes sense since the MMS can work in your body for about that – 12 hours). Nonetheless, both my husband and I were more than pleased to be able to lay down and rest. We skipped the next dose and backed off by a couple of drops the next morning to begin building again.

The message here is that no matter what, we felt it was important to continue taking the MMS. So we continue to persevere and find it interesting that most days we aren’t affected by a certain number of drops at all; but then one day, we’ll have a reaction to the same number of drops. I believe that’s because the MMS has uncovered something, some layer, or some parasite in something we’ve eaten, or maybe cut loose some pathogen from biofilm somewhere in the body.

Adam Abraham’s DVD includes some fascinating information on biofilm and MMS. Abraham notes on his website:

It (MMS) will break up the biofilm that many anaerobic microorganisms will form and then colonize, which protects them from antibiotics with clogging lungs, joints, and clouding vision.

Biofilm bacteria are not just antibiotic resistant but biofilm infections can be fatal. When you think of biofilm think about clogged pipes or dental plaque. My husband has periodontal issues and immediately starting using MMS as a mouth rinse and continues to use it at least once a day and sometimes three.

We are so grateful to have learned about the Miracle Mineral Supplement. As we continue to use chlorine dioxide, we will share additional information about our experience, any news or testimonials we hear about.

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