Natural Health Supplements
Are They Necessary?

Many of us don’t eat the nutrient rich diet that we would prefer and so we turn to natural health supplements. But there’s so much ‘back-and-forth’ in the media around the issue of vitamin and mineral supplements, it’s easy to become confused and overwhelmed.

Almost twenty years ago, I had a profound experience with a line of herbal supplements. I’d inherited a stray cat called “Blackie” from the previous occupants of our house. I’d promised these nice people that I would continue to feed and look out for the little guy, but he was wild and very difficult to approach. I figured he’d warm up to me eventually and kept putting his food out and then removing myself so I wouldn’t scare him.

Then one day he failed to show up for his evening meal. I waited for him to come the next day, and the next. For two weeks I worried about that darn cat. Then one day I came home from work and spotted him on the back porch from the corner of my eye. I rushed outside and when he turned his face toward me, I got a real shock. He’d been torn up by something. One of his eyes was dangling from its socket.

My regular vet wasn’t an option as Blackie was too wild to be held or even caught. I contacted a mobile vet who said they too would only be able to observe him from a distance and didn’t think there was anything they could do either. I felt so helpless. But I’d started taking a number of natural health supplements, particularly these specific herbal supplements and I couldn’t think of any reason not to give the stuff to Blackie just in case it might help boost his immune system and help him recover from his injuries.

I started opening the capsules containing the various herbal supplements into his canned food each day and I’d sometimes have to walk the neighborhood searching for him to make sure he’d eat it all. At first I wasn’t sure if he would eat the herbs, but maybe he sensed that it would be good for him. I was so worried about infection and yet so hopeful that he would respond to the quality and quantity of the product I was using. And he did. After only a few weeks, his eye socket healed (he lost the eye), and all of his other wounds and injuries also improved. His coat turned shiny and lustrous looking and I was so happy.

Since that time, I’ve had many experiences that make me believe that many different natural health supplements can play an important role in our overall health and wellbeing.

Each individual may have different needs. Even our animal companions may need a little extra help with their diet, no matter how good. On occasion, I’ve had guests around when I’m preparing my pets’ meals. I can tell they’re puzzled as I open capsules or add drops of various natural health supplements into their food. I just don’t believe that we or our pets can get everything we need from the food we eat these days. Of course, it’s important to make sure that any supplement you take, give your kids, or your beloved animal friends is safe for them. Always consult a professional. And always make sure that any supplement you provide is of the highest quality. The value of any natural health supplement depends on many factors.

Source, Quality, Balance, Absorbability . . .

Years ago, I discovered my dad was taking a very poor quality vitamin supplement. At the time, he was reluctant to spend more money than the cost of this product and so I believe he would have been better off taking nothing. Many of these discount vitamins are synthetic and difficult for the body to absorb. The binding agent used for the tablet may not be digestible. These are just two reasons that you don’t want to waste your energy and money on inferior supplements.

I recently heard a doctor on television saying that taking a vitamin and mineral supplement isn’t necessary if you are eating a balanced diet. For the most part I disagree. Given that our foods have declined in nutritional value for years as the soil has been depleted of nutrients, and the fact that so many people these days consume so many processed foods, it’s pretty easy to deduce that most people are not getting adequate nourishment from their diets. Nutrition is generally not an area studied by doctors.

The same doctor also joked about “peeing away” the vitamin supplement as though yellow urine would prove that supplementing is a waste. In fact, you can only absorb so much of a given substance before you do pee it out. So if your urine is yellow, this might actually indicate that you’ve absorbed all you can and this would be a good sign. B vitamins also turn urine yellow.

When choosing any supplement, recognize the importance of due diligence. Research the company, their manufacturing process and facility. What is the source of the ingredients? Is it food based and if so can your body get all it needs without taking a dozen a day? Is the product organic? Is it free of allergens?

Although there are people who, through lifestyle and diet, are able to get adequate nutritional support, stress, aging, and many conditions can affect our ability to utilize that nutrition for the greatest benefit. There will always be areas overlooked. We hope the information here will add to the research you are doing on natural health supplements to help yourself and your family.

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